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6 Tips To Improve Google Ads Campaigns Performance

You need to optimize your Google Ads campaigns to get the best results from your budget and keywords. These tips will help you to get better results from your PPC Google Ads campaign.

Google Ads allows you to adapt your campaign changes

The exact match keyword type was used to target specific keywords and their common misspellings before this change. Included are synonyms, word rearrangements, and the addition or removal of function words.

Review the search terms in your account to reduce irrelevant clicks and impressions. Add negative keywords where appropriate. Check your search terms to see if you can reduce the number of clicks and impressions.

Avoid overlapping keywords in your ad group to avoid getting impressions from the same keyword. Select the keyword and click on search terms to see what search terms are generated for an exact match. It will then show you a report of all clicks.


Include competitor keywords

Google has been cracking down on the display of brand terms in recent years. In many cases, ads are no longer displayed for exact brand searches.

This limits your ability to be found when users search for your competitor’s product or brand. There are still ways to display long-tail keyword phrases that are relevant to the products and services of your competitors.

You can use a call-to-action to promote your services or products that meet this need. Users often search for specific brands.


Enable enhanced CPC for manual bidders

The Enhanced CPC system is an intelligent bidding method that uses a wide range of real-time auction signals. Consider your location, browser settings, and demographics to target those most likely to convert.

Set the Enhanced CPC option for each campaign in Google Ads and let it adjust your bids above your maximum CPC. This will help you increase targeted clicks as well as conversions.



Use your Google Ads campaign ad texts to your advantage

Google PPC Ads allows you to run campaigns that will give you more chances to be at the top of page one of search results. You can include a second title, a third description, and more characters in your message to reach potential customers.

Many advertisers do not take advantage of the expanded ad-text option because it isn’t mandatory. You can add up to 30 additional characters to your title in the third title.

The second description will allow you to include other descriptive text that is no longer than 90 characters. is another Google option to use for your ad text if you are unsure what to put in the extra space.


Improve the quality of your work

Monitor and continuously improve the quality of your ads. Google uses three factors to determine each keyword’s Quality Score:

  • Experience the landing page.
  • Click rate is the click rate.
  • Relevance of the advertisement.

This rating is the highest. Your ad may be suspended if it contains low-ranking keywords. If you do not have notifications turned on, you might not realize that this is happening.

You should know which keywords you want to target and how to organize your ad group to show them. Also, make sure your ad texts are aligned with the keywords.

Review the content on the landing page. It should load quickly, address the search intention and inform the user of the next steps. Google Ads cost can be reduced by improving each of these factors. Improve the user experience of your audience.


Remarketing ads can be a great way to increase your sales

Remarketing is one of the best ways to support your Google Ads campaign. And remarketing is one of the most cost-effective methods to increase conversions and drive users to your site.

You can create a segmented audience of users that have visited your site but not converted.

By filtering out users that have already converted, you can create display ads with messages targeted to move them on to the next stage.

Google Ads should make it easy to run your campaigns, but Google is constantly changing its payment program, discontinuing certain settings, and offering new features to advertisers.

Keep an eye out for updates so you can take advantage of the changes before your competitors do. Or contact us at Digital Specialist and our experts will help you to set up your PPC campaigns.

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