Apple Watch Series 8 Price in UAE and the Apple Watch Ultra in UAE
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Apple Watch Series 8 vs. Watch Ultra in UAE: Tech Showdown


In the bustling realm of smartwatches, Apple’s legacy of innovation continues with the recent releases, of the Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch Ultra. While both promise cutting-edge features, the Series 8 stands out with its sleek design, advanced fitness tracking, and seamless integration into the Apple ecosystem. As tech enthusiasts in the UAE anticipate the opportunity to elevate their wristwear, let’s explore the clash between these titans, with a particular focus on the dominating presence of the Series 8.

Design and Build:

The Apple Watch Series 8 maintains the signature elegance of its predecessors with a choice between sleek aluminum or durable stainless steel builds. Designed for those who appreciate a balance of aesthetics and strength, the Series 8 subtly embodies sophistication. In contrast, the Apple Watch Ultra emphasizes robustness with its 49mm titanium casing, making it a suitable choice for those seeking a lightweight yet durable companion. However, the Series 8’s refined design may sway users who prioritize a seamless blend of style and substance.

Display and Navigation:

While the Apple Watch Ultra boasts a larger 1.92-inch Retina LTPO OLED display with a peak brightness of 2000 nits, the Series 8 compensates with its edge-to-edge display, providing nearly 20% more screen area than its predecessor, the Apple Watch SE. The absence of the Action Button on the Series 8 is compensated by its smooth and intuitive navigation, a hallmark of Apple’s design philosophy. Users accustomed to the fluid Apple navigation experience may find the Series 8’s user interface more familiar and user-friendly.

Fitness Tracking and Athletic Features:

The Series 8 is a fitness enthusiast’s dream, with advanced tracking capabilities that include monitoring heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and even an ECG app for comprehensive health insights. The Ultra, while catering to fitness needs, particularly excels in extreme sports with its dual-frequency GPS, IP6X dust resistance, and WR100 water resistance. However, for those who prioritize comprehensive health tracking seamlessly integrated with the Apple Health ecosystem, the Series 8 emerges as the frontrunner.

Battery Life and Endurance:

In the realm of endurance, the Series 8 holds its own with up to 18 hours of battery life, providing a reliable companion for daily activities. While the Apple Watch Ultra boasts an impressive 36-hour battery life and a Power Saver mode extending back up to 60 hours, the Series 8’s balance between performance and efficiency might appeal to users who prefer a smartwatch that seamlessly fits into their daily routine without frequent charging demands.

Compatibility and Customization:

Both watches support a range of bands, allowing users to personalize their devices to match different occasions. The Ultra introduces new bands – Alpine Loop, Trail Loop, and Ocean Band – catering to diverse preferences. However, the Series 8, with its variety of available bands and customization options, offers a level of personalization that aligns with Apple’s commitment to providing users with a tailored experience.

Exclusive Features of Apple Watch Series 8:

  • Mindfulness App:

    • Series 8 introduces an enhanced Mindfulness app, that promotes mental well-being through guided meditation and breathing exercises.
  • Always-On Altimeter:

    • Ideal for hikers and climbers, the Series 8 features an always-on altimeter, providing real-time elevation data at a glance.
  • Redesigned Compass App:

    • The compass app gets a facelift, offering multiple views for a more intuitive navigation experience.

Women’s Health Features:

  • Cycle Tracking:

    • Both Series 8 and Ultra include cycle tracking, allowing women to log menstrual cycles and receive predictions for fertile windows.
  • Retrospective Ovulation Estimates:

    • Series 8 goes a step further by providing retrospective ovulation estimates, offering more comprehensive insights for family planning.
  • Temperature Sensing:

    • The Series 8 includes temperature sensors, providing women with an additional data point for monitoring their health.

Comparison Table for Apple Watch Series 8 & Watch Ultra:

Feature Apple Watch Series 8 Apple Watch Ultra
Design and Build 41mm, 45mm Casing, Sleek aluminum or stainless steel builds 49mm titanium casing, emphasizing robustness
Display Edge-to-edge display with 20% more screen area 1.92-inch Retina LTPO OLED display with 2000 nits
Fitness Tracking and Health Features Advanced tracking, ECG app, health integration Dual-frequency GPS, IP6X dust resistance, WR100 water resistance
Battery Life Up to 18 hours Impressive 36-hour battery life, Power Saver mode for 60 hours
Compatibility and Customization Variety of bands and customization options New bands – Alpine Loop, Trail Loop, and Ocean Band
Exclusive Features Mindfulness app, Always-On Altimeter, Redesigned Compass app Extreme sports focus, WR100 water resistance, depth gauge


In the clash of the titans between the Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch Ultra, the Series 8 emerges as a dominant force, especially for users in the UAE who value a sleek design, advanced fitness tracking, and seamless integration into the Apple ecosystem. While the Ultra caters to the adventurous with its extreme sports focus and exclusive features, the Series 8 strikes a harmonious balance between style, functionality, and everyday usability.

The Series 8 is not merely a smartwatch; it’s a lifestyle companion that seamlessly blends into the daily lives of users, offering a sophisticated yet powerful experience. As users in the UAE make their choices, the Series 8 stands tall as a testament to Apple’s commitment to setting new standards in the smartwatch arena.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the Apple Watch Series 8 have cellular capabilities?

Ans. No, the Series 8 does not have a cellular model.

Is the Apple Watch Series 8 compatible with old bands?

Ans. Yes, the Series 8 supports bands ranging from 42mm to 25mm.

What features make the Apple Watch Series 8 perfect for athletics?

Ans. The Series 8 is ideal for fitness enthusiasts with advanced tracking capabilities, although it lacks the extreme sports focus found in the Ultra.

What is the price of the Apple Watch Series 8 in Dubai, UAE?

Ans. The Apple Watch Series 8 Price in UAE varies based on the model and specifications. But you can get the best deals and prices from the MI Atlantic AE.

How will the Apple Watch Series 8 help scuba divers?

Ans. The Series 8 is not specifically designed as a dive computer, and its water resistance is limited compared to the Ultra.

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