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Benefits of Installing Florida Impact Windows and Doors in Your House

Florida Impact windows and doors cater to the expert installation requirements of homeowners, contractors, and other clients in Florida. Florida Impact Doors and Windows have references and ongoing projects in Florida, regardless of the location of your project. There is a wide selection of impact windows and doors available in Florida. 

The cost of new replacement windows can vary depending on the impact glass option you select. General contractors choose Florida Impact windows and doors due to their experience, capacity, and ability to complete the work correctly, promptly, and economically.

When people choose to replace or install new windows, they first select impact windows and doors. Florida Certified General Contractor with many years of structural expertise is what you get when you work with us. Furthermore, Florida Impact Doors and Windows is a State of Florida Certified Glazing Contractor for replacement windows and doors.

Benefits of Florida Impact Doors and Windows

Hurricane and Storm Protection

One of their main advantages is the strength and ability of impact windows and doors to tolerate severe weather. These windows and doors can lower the cost of routine repairs and help prevent damage to your home. Additionally, you will be eligible for a wind mitigation insurance rebate by installing hurricane windows and doors.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced security and defence against robbers and intruders are two more advantages of installing hurricane windows and doors. With these defence mechanisms, homeowners can rest easy knowing they are better safeguarded.

Insurance Discounts

Many insurance companies have acknowledged impact windows as one of the most essential windstorm protection devices. As a result, insurance companies might provide a premium reduction or deduction. A wind mitigation insurance rebate is also available to homeowners installing impact windows.

UV Protection

Several health problems related to the skin can be seriously caused by UV light. Additionally, these lights may harm other household items like artwork and furniture. Impact windows have double glazing, window tinting, and Low E glass coating, which boost energy efficiency and lessen the harmful effects of UV light.

Energy Efficiency

Impact windows will undoubtedly improve your home’s energy efficiency if you replace your outdated windows with them. Studies have shown that energy-inefficient windows account for more than 40% of the annual energy costs in your house. Impact windows’ ability to reduce solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) is one of their key characteristics.

Replacing windows and doors in your house or condominium is made simple by Florida Impact Doors and Windows. Their company’s replacement windows and doors will ease your mind because of their hygienic and amiable team of professional installers. There are numerous options available for replacing doors and windows. Impact glass comes in various varieties, as do window manufacturers, configurations, finishes, colours, and many other options.

There are numerous impact glass options available for their fibreglass doors. Impact Windows and Doors offers many possibilities for aluminium patio doors. They always complete their window and door replacement services. Full-time stucco and drywall specialists from Florida Impact Doors and Windows beautifully finish their more significant projects. Additionally, there are numerous manufacturers of impact windows and doors in Florida from which to select. They only use windows and doors with a Category 5 rating for their window and door replacement projects.


With their unique electrostatically painted aluminium windows and doors, you can preserve the wood grain appearance of your existing windows and doors. This replacement window and door set will last a lifetime thanks to the high-quality paint and sturdy materials. Windows and doors improve energy efficiency and security while raising your home’s value. 

When you work with us, you get a State of Florida-certified general contractor with years of structural experience. Furthermore, Florida Impact Doors and Windows is a State of Florida-certified Certified Glazing Contractor for replacement windows and doors.

You can get fair prices and more than 30 years of window and door replacement experience at Florida Impact Doors and Windows. Their partnership with their manufacturing division provides a competitive edge over other window distributors in the market. Florida Impact windows and doors offer impact windows and doors for commercial and residential use. 

They provide high-quality artistry for new construction and replacement windows and doors at affordable prices. When you contact us, you’ll talk with one of their educated and experienced representatives directly, and they’ll review your options with you. Installing impact doors and windows can significantly enhance your safety and security.


Your impact windows provide additional protection in all weather conditions and protection against storms. You can feel secure knowing your house is safe even if you are away during a storm. Florida Impact windows and doors also act as a sound barrier from outside noise and deter burglaries. Installing impact windows gives your house an additional layer of security so you can relax

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