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Why Should Your Dissertation Proposal Have a Clear Methodology?

A dissertation proposal is a document that a student needs to prepare in order to get his idea approved for the potential research work. It presents the overview of the project that a student intends to do. This proposal will also help you through the project even if you get dissertation help UK from professionals, it will act as a layout for your research project. The length of a dissertation proposal must not exceed the limit of 15 pages still, it must capture all the essential elements and sections.


A dissertation proposal has a basic structure comprising 5 main sections. One such main section of a dissertation proposal is the methodology section. It requires a deep understanding of the topic and clarity of thought in order to formulate this section effectively as it is based on your critical evaluations of the concepts. If you are not getting a dissertation proposal service from professionals then you must make sure to study each element closely and then incorporate it into your project. This particular post will help students formulate the methodology section of a dissertation proposal with clarity and will explain why it is important to present it in a clear manner.  

The Basic Structure Of A Dissertation Proposal:

A dissertation proposal is meant to give a snapshot of the intended dissertation projects. Even though; most students are aware of the main sections of a dissertation proposal; it is still important to mention the basic structure to avoid any confusion. The basic structure of a dissertation proposal goes as:


    • Title.
    • Introduction.
    • Aims and objectives.
    • Literature review.
  • Methodology.
  • Limitations.
  • Ethical considerations.
  • Time frame.
  • Conclusion.
  • Bibliography. 

Methodology Section And Its Essential Elements:

The purpose of a methodology section is to present the research design that a student intends to approach in order to prove his arguments. The research methods that you intend to approach must be presented with justifications and logical reasoning. The main elements that must be present in your methodology section include;


  • A clear description of the intended research methods.
  • The comprehensible connection between the objectives of your research proposal and how they will meet the expected conclusion.
  • The solidified stance with the use of logical reasoning and justifications along with the mentioning of the possible limitations or weaknesses of your research project.

Steps To Write A Methodology Effectively:

Now that; the main elements of a dissertation proposal have been understood, it is time to look into the steps that will help the students in writing the methodology section effectively;

  • Mention The Objectives:

Begin Your methodology section by re-stating the main objectives or research problems of your research project. Obviously; you are meant to use different terms for that otherwise the similar use of words will make the project sound repetitive.

  • State The Research Design You Chose:

This is the step where a researcher has to state the research design he intends to approach in order to reach the desired results. He can explain the qualitative, quantitative or any methods he has in mind to achieve the results. 

  • Elaborate The Methods You Used To Analyse The Collected Data:

The methodology section comes soon after the literature review in which data has been given in order to support the main argument. So; in this section student is meant to analyse the mentioned data and critically evaluate the concepts to prove their relevance.

  • Justify Your Methods Selection:

This is the element where you must justify your approach and how it will be successfully able to achieve the desired outcomes. 

  • Give Any Obstacles That Came Your Way:

Each researcher faces certain obstacles while conducting research, list down those obstacles and how you managed to overcome them with your problem-solving skills. 

Reasons To Craft A Clear Methodology For Your Dissertation Proposal:

Extreme stress is laid on the clarity factor when it comes to crafting a methodology section. Even though; clarity is an essential element for a whole dissertation proposal and even a dissertation project still, its importance is even more in this specific section. It is because:


  • You will manage to find the solution to the research question in a more comprehensive manner.
  • Your clarity of thought will reflect your understanding and confidence in the selected topic.
  • The clarity with which you will be able to justify your research designs will be able to convince the reviewer to approve your research proposal. 
  • A clearly presented methodology will build the trust of your advisor on your selected topic for research conduction. 


A dissertation proposal is meant to provide an overview of your project and convince the reviewer to approve your intended dissertation project. Among many essential sections of a dissertation proposal, there is a methodology section which justifies the specific research design that you intend to approach. This section must be stated clearly to reflect your clarity of concept and to get your project approved by the reviewer. 

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