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Coal Handling Plant: Exploring Functions and Overview of Coal Handling Facilities

Coal remains a primary source of energy worldwide, playing a significant role in various industries, including power generation, steel production, and cement manufacturing. Coal handling plants (CHPs) are crucial facilities that handle the transportation, storage, and processing of coal to ensure its efficient utilization. In this article, we’ll delve into the functions and importance of coal handling plants, shedding light on their significance in the energy landscape and Intech Bulk Handling Systems Pvt. Ltd. stands as a leading Coal Handling Plant Manufacturers in India.

Overview of Coal Handling Facilities:

Coal handling facilities are vital components within industrial plants, designed to manage coal efficiently throughout its journey. These facilities encompass various equipment and systems for tasks such as unloading, storing, conveying, crushing, pulverizing, and distributing coal. Their primary goal is to ensure a steady supply of coal while prioritizing safety and minimizing environmental impact. From unloading equipment like grab cranes to conveyors and pulverizers, each component plays a crucial role in maintaining seamless operations. Additionally, ash handling systems are integral for the safe disposal of ash generated during coal combustion. Overall, coal handling facilities are essential for the efficient utilization of coal resources in industrial processes.

Functions of Coal Handling Plants:

  1. Unloading:

    The process begins with the unloading of coal from incoming trains, trucks, or ships. Coal handling plants employ specialized equipment like cranes, conveyor belts, and grab buckets for efficient unloading operations.

  2. Storage:

    Once unloaded, coal is stored in stockyards to ensure an uninterrupted supply to the downstream processes. Stockyards can be open-air or enclosed facilities, equipped with stacking and reclaiming systems to manage coal inventories efficiently.

  3. Crushing and Screening:

    Depending on the specific requirements of end-users, coal may undergo crushing and screening processes to achieve desired particle sizes and quality standards. Crushers and screens within coal handling plants reduce coal to manageable sizes and remove impurities, ensuring optimal combustion and efficiency in downstream applications.

  4. Conveying:

    Coal handling plants utilize conveyor systems to transport coal between various processing units within the facility. Conveyor belts are the primary means of conveying coal, offering reliability, efficiency, and flexibility in material handling operations.

  5. Washing and Drying:

    In some cases, coal requires washing to remove impurities such as sulfur and ash, enhancing its calorific value and reducing emissions during combustion. Additionally, coal may undergo drying processes to lower moisture content, improving combustion efficiency and reducing transportation costs.

  6. Storage and Blending:

    Coal handling plants often incorporate storage silos and blending facilities to accommodate different coal grades and specifications. Blending ensures consistent fuel quality and performance, particularly in power plants and industrial boilers where coal composition impacts combustion characteristics.

  7. Ash Handling:

    Apart from handling coal, CHPs also manage the disposal of ash generated during combustion. Ash handling systems collect, transport, and dispose of ash residues, preventing environmental contamination and complying with regulatory standards. Intech Bulk Handling Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of ash handling plants in India, providing efficient solutions for ash management in diverse industrial settings.

  8. Pulverizing:

    In coal-fired power plants, coal needs to be pulverized into fine particles for efficient combustion in boilers. Pulverizers or mills grind coal into a fine powder, increasing its surface area and enhancing combustion efficiency.

Intech Bulk Handling Systems Pvt. Ltd. – Leading Manufacturers:

Intech Bulk Handling Systems Pvt. Ltd. stands as a leading coal handling plant and Ash Handling Plant Manufacturers in India. With expertise in designing and engineering bulk material handling systems, Intech offers customized solutions tailored to the specific requirements of clients across various industries.

Their comprehensive range of products includes conveyor systems, crushers, screens, pulverizers, and ash handling equipment designed to optimize efficiency, reliability, and safety in coal handling operations. Intech’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction makes them a trusted partner for coal handling solutions in the Indian market.


Coal handling plants play a vital role in the coal supply chain, facilitating the efficient handling, processing, and utilization of coal in various industries. From unloading and storage to crushing, conveying, and ash handling, these facilities ensure the seamless flow of coal from its source to end-users. As the demand for reliable and sustainable energy persists, the importance of efficient coal handling facilities remains paramount in meeting energy needs while mitigating environmental impacts.

These facilities perform a range of functions, from unloading and storage to conveying, crushing, and ash handling. With companies like Intech Bulk Handling Systems Pvt. Ltd. leading the way in manufacturing high-quality coal handling equipment, industries can enhance their operational efficiency while meeting stringent safety and environmental standards.

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