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How Can I choose seats on Iberia?  

As a passenger traveling with Iberia, you have the privilege of choosing your seats to enhance your travel experience. Whether you want to book your favorite aisle or window seat or have specific seating requirements, Iberia Airlines has made it easy for you to choose your seats. One way to select your seat is at the time of booking your flight. During the booking process, you will be prompted to choose your preferred seat from the seating map displayed on the website. This way, you can choose the seat that suits your preference and travel needs.Passengers traveling from Iberia have the privilege to choose their seats to enhance their travel experience. Follow the below-mentioned steps, and you will know how I can choose seats on Iberia: 

  • Book your seat: At the time of booking, you can select the seat of your choice. 
  • At the time of online check-in: When you do the online check-in, you can book your seats through the Manage My Booking tab which is available on the website of Iberia. Fill in all the credentials and follow the guides visible on the screen. 

Iberia seat selection policy 

Passengers can select the seats before their scheduled flight. Following are the Iberia seat selection policy that you need to know: 

  • Before check-in, you are allowed to book your seats. 
  • Seat selection will be dependent on the availability of the seats. 
  • Premium ticket gets the priority to select the seats. 
  • You might need to pay charges for selecting the seats (if applicable). 

Do I have to pay for seat selection on Iberia?  

You can select the seats on Iberia Airlines in a few easy steps. But if you want to select your seat prior to Iberia, then you might need to pay some charges according to the Iberia seat selection policy decided by the airlines. Keep in mind that Iberia provides the facility to choose seats that are only managed by Iberia, Iberia Express, or Iberia Regional Air Nostrum. To get a seat in low fare one can book the seats from the official website of Iberia.

How long before an Iberia flight can you choose a seat?  

Choosing a seat prior to your flight can provide you with a memorable flight journey. Most of the airlines offer the facility to choose the seat according to your desire, and so does Iberia. At the time of purchasing the Iberia flight ticket, you can choose a seat. In addition, you are allowed to choose the seat at check-in online 24 hours before your scheduled flight. 

What are Premium Economy seats on Iberia? 

On the premium economy seats on Iberia, passengers get a spacious seat that involves a leg and footrest; for your comfort, the space between your seat and the seat in front of you is 94 cm, and it can be reclined to 18 cm. In addition, you get the facility to adjust the headrest according to your choice, good quality headsets, USB ports for each passenger, internet for separate devices, and others.

What is the difference between economy and economy premium Iberia?  

The main difference between economy and economy premium Iberia is in the services provided by the airlines. In Economy class long haul ticket, you get entertainment and two meals of your choice. Whereas the economy premium Iberia Airline services on long-haul journeys get more personalized, wider seating, and get preference to board first.

Why can’t I choose my seat on Iberia? 

Iberia Airlines allows passengers to choose seats on Iberia, but if you are not able to select the seat, the reasons could be: 

  • Some of the time passengers can not select seats due to the unavailability of their desired seat. 
  • A passenger can not select their Iberia seat after receiving the boarding pass.


As you will read this post you will get to learn about the seat selection of the Iberia Airliens. This will be helpful to the passengers who are flying with Iberia or planning their trip with Iberia. In conclusion, selecting your seat on Iberia Airlines is an easy and hassle-free process. Whether you prefer to choose your seat during booking or online check-in, you can be sure that Iberia has made it easy for you to choose the seat that suits your travel needs. So, go ahead and choose your preferred seat and make your journey with Iberia Airlines a comfortable and memorable one.

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