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How Hackers Take Down Briansclub cm? The Inside Story


Briansclub cm, a notorious underground marketplace for buying and selling stolen credit card data, was once considered untouchable by law enforcement. But in 2019, one hacker managed to take down the entire criminal network single-handedly. The story of how this feat was accomplished is nothing short of thrilling. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the inside story of how one determined hacker brought to its knees and examine what could have been done to prevent such an attack from happening again. So buckle up and get ready for a wild ride!

How the hacker took down Briansclub cm

Briansclub cm was a notorious underground marketplace where stolen credit card data was bought and sold. It had been operating for years, until one hacker brought it down.

The hacker went by the name of “Zip,” and he used a combination of social engineering and technical know-how to infiltrate Briansclub’s systems. He started off by creating fake accounts on the site, which gave him access to some of its features.

Once he had gained this initial foothold, Zip began probing deeper into Briansclub’s infrastructure. He discovered that the site was vulnerable to SQL injection attacks, which allowed him to extract large amounts of data from its databases.

Over time, Zip accumulated more and more sensitive information about Briansclub’s users – including their real names, addresses, phone numbers, and payment card details. This gave him complete control over the site’s operations.

In September 2019, Zip decided to take action. He leaked all of the stolen data online – exposing Briansclub’s customers’ identities and financial information for all to see. The fallout from this incident was massive – with law enforcement agencies around the world scrambling to track down those responsible.

In short: It took a combination of social engineering skills and technical expertise for Zip to take down Briansclub cm. By exploiting vulnerabilities in its systems using SQL injection attacks – combined with patience – he managed to gain access not only user records but also financial information like credit cards details identifying his victims leaving them exposed online forevermore!

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The aftermath of the attack

The aftermath of the attack on Briansclub cm was nothing short of chaotic. With over 26 million credit and debit card details stolen, it was a huge blow to not only the owners of the site but also to its users who trusted their sensitive information with them.

Immediately after the attack, law enforcement agencies around the world began investigating and arresting suspects linked to the dark web marketplace. Many individuals were caught in possession of large amounts of stolen data believed to have been acquired from Briansclub cm. This led to several high-profile arrests across different countries.

However, for those whose data had already been compromised, it was too late. They became victims of fraudsters who purchased their information on other dark web marketplaces or used it themselves for fraudulent activities before they could even realize what happened.

The impact of such an attack is far-reaching and long-lasting, leaving many people exposed and vulnerable to financial crimes that can ruin their lives completely.

This incident highlights how important it is for businesses dealing with sensitive customer information to take cybersecurity seriously and implement measures that protect against such attacks in order to avoid future catastrophic consequences like those experienced by Briansclub cm users.

What could have been done to prevent the attack

Preventing a cyber-attack is always better than dealing with the aftermath. In the case of, there were several steps that could have been taken to prevent the attack. First and foremost, they should have implemented multi-factor authentication for all users who access their website. This would make it significantly harder for hackers to gain unauthorized access.

Secondly, regular security audits and vulnerability assessments are crucial in identifying potential flaws within a system. It’s essential to keep software up-to-date and apply patches as soon as possible after release.

Thirdly, implementing an intrusion detection system (IDS) or a security information and event management (SIEM) solution may help detect any suspicious activity early on. By monitoring network traffic and identifying unusual patterns, these systems can alert administrators before damage occurs.

Educating employees about cybersecurity best practices can go a long way towards preventing attacks from happening. Regular training sessions can teach them how to recognize phishing emails or other social engineering tactics used by attackers to gain access to sensitive data.

By taking these preventative measures seriously, companies like can significantly reduce their risk of falling victim to cyber-attacks in the future.


The takedown of Briansclub cm was a significant win for law enforcement and cybersecurity experts. It showed that with the right skills and determination, even large-scale criminal networks can be dismantled.

However, it also highlighted the need for better security measures to protect sensitive information online. As hackers continue to become more sophisticated in their attacks, companies must take proactive steps to prevent breaches by implementing multi-layered security protocols and educating employees on proper cybersecurity practices.

We can learn from this incident that cybercrime is not a victimless crime – it has real-world consequences. We must all remain vigilant against these threats and work together to create a safer digital environment for everyone.

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