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How Solar Panels Can Whittle Down Your Energy Bills

With the rising cost of living, energy bills are shooting up, making it harder and harder for people to get by. Solar panel installation can drastically cut back on your energy bills as the sun’s energy will be transformed into electricity to power your appliances.

Solar panels consist of a myriad of cells made of a silicon layer that uses sunshine to generate power. It can generate power even on a cloudy day. However, more electricity will be generated when the sun is intense.

Can you get installed solar panels?

Though solar energy can reduce energy bills, the installation is not applicable to all houses. Space is the critical factor; the average system size takes up about 20 m² roof area. The direction of your roof will also decide if it is possible to install the panel.

South-facing roofs are ideal for maximum electricity production, provided it is not shaded. East or west-facing roofs can be considered, but north-facing roofs are not recommended. East or west-facing roofs will produce electricity less than 15% compared to the south-facing roof.

In order to reduce carbon footprints, the government has already put it in a permitted development category, which means you do not need specific permissions to get panels installed on your roof. However, there are a few exceptions.

It is always the best idea to check with your local authorities. For instance, if you live in a conservation area or listed building, any kind of modifications will not be allowed. Registration with a Distribution Network Operator is a must before getting started with the installation work.

What are the benefits of solar power?

Here are the benefits of using solar energy:

  • Reduced electricity bills

Monthly electricity bills will go down because you do not have to pay for generated energy. In fact, energy will be exported to the grid, so you are likely to get money for the surplus energy.

  • It reduces carbon footprint

The most significant benefit of using solar energy is that it is environment-friendly. A typical solar panel system can help reduce the emission of one-tonne carbon per annum. When the climate is not bad, your health will not be compromised.

However, solar panel installation is not so cheap. They may cost you an arm and a leg.

You can take out 100% guaranteed loans if your budget blows up. These loans can help fund the gap in cash. Be sure about your repayment ability.

Can panels generate all the electricity you need?

This is the most critical question that flashes across your mind. Solar panel installation is not a cinch, and hence people look forward to cutting that cost by producing as much electricity as possible.

Well, you can say that you can generate all electricity you need from solar panels itself. Still, practically it cannot be possible because that means the installation of loads of panels. The energy you produce from solar panels can be sufficient to power household appliances like TV and refrigerator.

Using solar panels does not mean going off-grid

Many people think that they do not need to use public utilities once they have installed solar systems. Still, unfortunately, there is no avant-garde technology that has enabled off-grid power production.

Solar panels produce energy that your appliances can use when they are in use, and extra power is sent back to the grid. You need a bright sunny day to power your appliances. However, it does not mean that panels are ineffective on cloudy days, but the production will be less.

Make sure that you install the panels at an angle where they receive the maximum sunlight, even if the sun’s direction changes. The installer is responsible for picking the ideal location after analysing the space.

You can even get to know how much power you source from the grid. Along with solar panels, an import-export metre will be installed. This metre will replace your old electricity metre. This metre indicates how much energy is produced from solar panels exported to the grid.

Does solar energy actually save money?

Although you cannot produce enough energy to power your appliances through solar panels, installing them is still worthwhile. You can save about 15 to 20% of the energy you generate. However, it depends on multiple factors:

  • How much time your appliances are in use
  • Do you have an electric vehicle?
  • Do you heat your home through other electrical heating systems?
  • Do you cook food through electricity?

If you want to use solar power to heat up water, use a PV diverter switch to power an immersion heater in your water tank that you can use whenever you need it later. Excess solar energy will certainly not be sufficient for hot water needs, but this will help reduce your energy bills.

How to make the most of free electricity from solar panels?

Most of the households use the maximum amount of electricity in the morning while doing household chores and at night while making dinner and turning on heating and lights. Still, the maximum energy solar panels generate is only during midday.

Therefore, you can make the most of the solar energy when you turn on your appliances like washing machine, dishwasher and tumble dryer during the daytime, which are known for consuming higher electricity. In addition:

  • Although charging mobile phones, laptops or any other gadgets does not consume too much electricity, you can charge them during the day if possible.
  • Try to cook food during the day. However, you will need a slow cooker.
  • Connect the panels to your immersion heater so you can use warm water whenever you need it.

To wrap up

Solar panels can help reduce your energy bills, especially if you turn your appliances on during the daytime. The installation of solar panels does not require permission unless your locality makes an exception.

The installation can help save a lot of money and reduce the carbon footprint. However, this can prove to be an expensive project. You must have a sufficient budget. However, you can rely on high-acceptance payday loans from direct lenders. These loans can fund a small gap in your budget.

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