Deepfake Attacks
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How to Protect Your Business from Deepfake Attacks

The remarkable advancement in artificial technology has, on the one hand, provided businesses with greater feasibility. On the other hand, the same technology is proving to be a menace for corporations, companies, and individuals.

One such threat is the risk of deepfake attacks. These attacks are often very sophisticated and are challenging to address once executed. It has become critical for all businesses to understand the nature of deepfakes and devise strategies to avoid them.

If you, too, are concerned about the danger of deepfake attacks, keep reading. This article will shed light on how you can protect your business from deepfake attacks.

6 Ways to Prevent Deepfake Attacks from Damaging Your Business

Deepfakes are basically fake videos or audio of one or more persons or forged media content of business communications. Although faux, these videos or audio are hyperrealistic and cannot be distinguished from the original content. Here are some important tips to help you protect your business from deepfake attacks:

1.      Apply Best Cybersecurity Practices

The best thing you can do to prevent deepfake attacks is to apply the best cybersecurity practices. Mostly, weak security systems used to avoid social engineering or evade fraud lead to deepfake attacks.

That is why it is critical to identify the loopholes in your cybersecurity infrastructure and address the issue as soon as possible. Applying additional defensive layers will also help achieve the objectives.

Some vital steps that you can take in this regard are mentioned below:

  • Reviewing security policy and communicating it clearly to your employees
  • Scrutinizing all communication means with a skeptical approach
  • Encouraging individuals to raise the flag in case of suspicious activity
  • Set a considerable reward prize for whistleblowers

It is also wise to take the services of a third-party cybersecurity provider. These professionals can strategically and effectively prevent your organization from such attacks. You can contact the experts at cyber security companies in UAE to secure your business against deepfake attacks.

2.      Educate Partners and Employees

Deepfake is an advanced type of cybersecurity threat. It is possible that most of your employees and even partners might be unaware of this term. This unfamiliarity is another soft spot for such attacks.

That is why you must consider familiarizing your staff and partners about deepfake attacks. You can educate them regarding various things, including:

  • What are deepfake attacks?
  • How many types of deepfakes are there?
  • How deepfake attacks are executed?
  • How to prevent such damaging and sinister cyberattacks?

Tell them why scrutinizing business-related media content is critical before acting upon it or sharing it with others.

Conducting deepfake awareness seminars and training sessions on a regular basis can assist you in achieving the desired outcomes. This will help them differentiate between manipulated and genuine content.

3.      Strengthen Authentication Procedures

Most of the time, cybercriminals exploit the vulnerabilities present in the authentication procedures. There might be multiple weaknesses in your authentication processes that you should watch out for.

Some of the most common flaws are listed below:

  • Weak and guessable security passwords
  • Flaws in the authentication logic
  • Bad implementation of two-factor authentication
  • Access to many people, etc.

This is the reason why you must be careful about authentication practices in your business. Try to adopt a “least privilege” strategy to avoid dire consequences.

Use complex passwords and a secure two-factor authentication process. Access to security systems and sensitive credentials must be restricted to trusted and important individuals only.

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4.      Leverage Digital Verification Tools

Fighting malicious AI attacks by leveraging AI technology is the wisest decision. Therefore, along with taking other measures, you must not ignore the power of artificial intelligence while combating deepfake attacks.

The latest AI-based digital verification tools have proven to be very effective in authenticating the originality of media content. These tools are instrumental in telling whether the respective content is original or not.

They do so by investigating anomalies and inconsistencies in a video or audio to verify its originality. Some tools are even more advanced and leverage various signs like facial expressions and voice pitch to do the work.

Hence, by incorporating this software, you can empower your employees to verify the genuineness of different media contents.

5.      Secure Communication Channels

Flaws in communication channels are another major factor that can lead to deepfake attacks. This is because when you communicate sensitive information over unprotected communication channels, cybercriminals can manipulate this information.

There are various approaches that you can adopt to secure your communication channels, for example:

  • Keep your servers protected from unauthorized access
  • Utilize end-to-end data encryption mechanism for safe flow of information from one place to another
  • Use applications that offer 2FA

The above strategies can help you protect all the communication modes used in the workplace premises. You can contact the professionals at cyber security companies in UAE to secure your communication devices against deepfake attacks.

Do You Want to Secure Your Business Against Deepfake Attacks?

Deepfake attacks are the most advanced and sophisticated types of cyberattack that can ruin the integrity of your business. Contact a reliable cybersecurity provider now to avoid such heinous attacks from happening and damaging your company.

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