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Keep Your Home Wasps Free With These Simple Tips

The risk of wasp infestation becomes double during summer because the hot and humid atmosphere is ideal for them to lay eggs or reproduce. However, you can protect your home or property from these nasty and stinging insects by using this guide. In this guide, we will provide you with every detail about wasp infestation, its causes, and tips to avoid them. 

Wasps are stinging insects that are found in various types and sizes. Some of them are harmless while some are quite injurious that their sting can cause the death of the victim. Once they enter your home, the only way to get rid of them safely is to hire the services of wasp control in Burnaby BC, Delta BC, and other states. 

Various pest control companies are working around the world which provide wasps infestation services at reasonable rates. However, the selection of a credible company is crucial to ensure the complete removal of wasps and their nests. 

Effective Wasp Control Tips That Help

Wasps and all other insects are usually attracted to water bodies, food residues, and cluttered areas because it provides them with everything they need to survive and increase their numbers. They can build nests in trees, bushes, walls, crevices, rooftops, and even behind curtains. 

Commonly found wasps in homes and gardens are yellow jacket wasps. Though they are not very dangerous, they can sting you and your loved ones. They are very sharp and aggressive insects that can easily enter your home, especially kitchen and garden areas. However, using these tips can help you to resist their entrance to your place and enjoy a stress-free summer. 

  1. Block or Seal Entrance Points 

As we mentioned earlier, commonly found wasps in homes are very sharp. They can easily invade your home through small holes, wall crevices, under-door spaces, and cracked screens of windows. Pet and attic doors are also the major entrance points for wasps and other insects. Therefore, the very first step to saying no to wasps infestation is blocking the entrance points. 

Carefully inspect your home and notice all the points from where wasps can enter your place. Now block or seal all these entry points with suitable materials. For example, you can use tape to fix broken window glass and loosen the window or door frame. 

  1. Regular Cleaning

Keeping your home clean and tidy is also another tip to avoid wasps infestation. It will not protect your home or property from pests but also provide you and your loved ones with a healthy environment. Therefore, make sure to regularly clean your home. Wash all kitchen shelves and sitting areas twice a week with an antiseptic solution and spray the entire home with pesticides once a month.  

Make sure to wipe the kitchen shelves right after finishing cooking and eating. Keep water and food containers covered. 

  1. Decluttering 

Another possible solution or tip to avoid wasps infestation is decluttering. The reason is that cluttering areas provide them with hidden places to build nests, food residues, and warmth to reproduce. 

Keep all the useless or rarely used items in large boxes and keep them in a separate room. It will not eliminate the risk of hidden nests of wasps but also provide you with more living space. 

  1. Schedule trimming of Garden 

The Garden is the main area to attract wasps because insects come to flowers to suck their nectar and for pollination. Wasps can easily grow their nests in large bushes of massively growing tree branches. Therefore, regular trimming of the garden and keeping shed areas dry and clean is also effective to inhibit wasps infestation. 

  1. Consult Wasp Control Services 

Though all these tips are quite effective to avoid pest infestation, you can also consult with a professional pest control expert for more accurate and experienced advice or tips.  

Final thought 

Having wasps infestation during summer is a norm because it is their reproduction season. Blocking their entrance to your home or property is a challenging task but practicing the above-mentioned tips can help you to achieve this task. It will save you both time and money with a pest-free garden to enjoy evening tea. 

In case of noticing a few or more wasps, consult a professional pest control expert immediately and get rid of them before they cause havoc to your garden and property. 

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