Knit Your Way to Fashion: The 5 Best Blogs for Knitting
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Knit Your Way to Fashion: The 5 Best Blogs for Knitting

Making attractive garments with knitting is a fantastic craft. It’s a terrific way to express yourself and create something one-of-a-kind while also saving money.

Knitting has evolved into a fashionable trend that anybody may wear, moving beyond its traditional association with grandmothers. There are many sites out there that can teach you how to make your own fashionable, distinctive items, regardless of your level of knitting knowledge or inexperience. Knitting is a terrific method to express your individual style and make a statement, from warm sweaters to stylish accessories.

Check out these 5 blogs for ideas if you want to start knitting and are a fashion enthusiast:

1. Wool and the Gang: 

It is the ideal starting point if you’re looking for current, in-style knitting patterns. Which opened in 2009, and is now a popular destination for knitters of all levels who want to stay on top of the latest trends.

For clothing, accessories, and home decor products, the Wool and the Gang blog offers both free and paid patterns. The Wool and the Gang crew created each pattern in-house, and they all have contemporary, in-style looks. There are also useful tutorials to get you started if you’re new to knitting.

2. Purl Soho: 

Welcome to Purl Soho, where you can find stunning patterns and top-notch yarn. You’ll find something to adore here whether you’re a novice or an expert knitter.

At Purl Soho, we work hard to provide you with the greatest yarns and designs, from understated and sophisticated looks to daring and contemporary ones. You’ll discover all you require to get going and produce something wholly original. We’ve also provided useful hints, from picking the proper yarn to rectifying mistakes, because we know you’ll need them along the journey.

We’re here to give you the resources you need to get started since we’re passionate about assisting you in discovering the joy of knitting and crafts. The best place to get knitting and crocheting knowledge and inspiration is on our blog. Together with feature interviews with our favorite makers and artists, we’ll give you helpful tips and lessons.

3. Knitty: 

One of the most established knitting blogs available, Knitty is full of informational posts, patterns, and instructions that every knitter should read. Knitty offers a variety of projects for all skill levels, from simple ideas to more complex methods.

Knitters of all levels can benefit from Knitty’s huge collection of previous editions. No of your level of knitting experience, Knitty will keep your knowledge current with new content every month. You may discover helpful lessons and patterns that can help you refine your art, ranging from the fundamentals of knitting to more complex methods.

4. Twist Collective: 

The go-to place for knitters of all skill levels and backgrounds is Twist Collective. You may find a huge selection of patterns from gifted designers, useful guides and articles, and motivational interviews with some of the biggest people in the knitting industry right here.

You’re bound to find something to inspire you here, whether you’re a beginner just getting started or an expert seeking something new. We frequently post new patterns, tutorials, and interviews to our blog. Inspiring sayings and anecdotes from our contributors and the knitting community are also shared.

Some of the most accomplished knitters and designers in the world created our patterns. To ensure the success of your project, we provide helpful hints, approaches, and tactics with each pattern. You can find what you’re looking for at Twist Collective, whether you’re looking for sweaters, shawls, baby items, accessories, or something completely different.

Visit our blog, Just Click Strikkebloggen, if you want an even more realistic experience. You’ll discover a variety of interviews, instructions, and practical advice from knowledgeable knitters and designers here. It’s the ideal location to visit if you want to learn more about knitting.

5. LoveKnitting: 

The comprehensive knitting resource may assist you in finding everything required for your next project. You may discover everything you need here, including the optimal pattern, the right yarn, and instructions and suggestions.

We understand how vital it is for you to find the right assignment. To help you choose the right materials for your project, we have put together a comprehensive variety of knitting designs and yarns. To assist you to learn the craft and produce something really original, we also provide classes and coaching. In addition, we often post new content to our blog so you may get inspiration and stay up to speed with the latest developments.

LoveKnitting is more than just a shop where you can buy knitting supplies; it’s also a community for knitters of all levels. Several experienced knitters who like exchanging tips and recommendations may be found in our forums. Using our social media profiles, you may also communicate with knitters from across the globe.


Knitting is a fantastic medium for creating unique and attractive apparel. It not only offers a fantastic opportunity to save money, but it also enables you to express yourself in a special way. It’s never been simpler to learn how to knit and make fashionable items, thanks to internet tutorials and tools.

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