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Saudi Arabia Suspends Umrah due to Corona virus

The carnivorous virus is spreading from China to many other countries fastly. It caused governments to take strict measures. China has already sealed Wuhan city. But this virus is not stopping from spreading.

The biggest fear is that carnivorous can spread quickly in gatherings where many people are present, which can cause massive loss of lives.

Baitullah is the place where Muslims gather round the clock. If any person infected with Carnivorous come there, then this virus can spread all over the world. It’s because every time people from many countries visit Baitullah and perform Umrah by using the Umrah Packages all-inclusive. That’s why Saudi authorities have suspended Umrah for an undisclosed amount of time.

This decision affected all arrangements of travel agents. Moreover, it can also halt all Umrah and Hajj packages.

We will discuss many things around this topic. So, you must keep reading for more. How does the travel business run in Saudi Arabia?

All travel agents have to register with Saudi authorities. After that, they can work to provide services in other countries. For that, all travel agents have to pay heavy fees and arrange support at the Saudi soil, which comes at a high price. But it is a necessary investment.

However, travel agents need to have a continuous stream of customers. Otherwise, they could not even break even. If a month passes by without a customer booking an Umrah package, then the cost of running the business kills the business. And it can lead to failing the entire operation of a travel agent.

When Did The Decision Come?

Last Wednesday, Saudi authorities announced that there would be a complete ban on Umrah visitors. Now, more than one million Umrah visitors cannot enter Saudi Arab for performing Umrah. It’s because Saudi Arab won’t let any pilgrim land on Saudi soil. Many pilgrims have already canceled their flight tickets because of the announcement.

It is also not clear whether all Umrah and Hajj packages, which are booked in advance, remain functional. Most probably, these packages will be canceled.

Actions of Saudi Arab

Recently, Saudi authorities closed Baitullah for Tawaf. Because it can spread infection quickly. But the outer sphere of Baitullah remained open. Moreover, Saudi authorities also closed Masjid-e-Nabvi at night.

Now, Baitullah is cleaned and sprayed with anti-viral agents and reopened. But there is still uncertainty because Saudi authorities can close Baitullah at any time. This state of emergency will also affect Umrah in Ramadan and the Hajj pilgrimage for the coming months.

Carnivorous Cases in Saudi Arab

A month ago, the first case of infection appeared in Saudi Arab. The person did not travel back from China. But he got the infection from unknown sources. He was immediately put into isolated care. After that, a second case appeared

Now, there have been six registered cases of carnivorous in Saudi Arab. It is not still certain that how infected persons got the infection. But it is clear that carnivorous is spreading in Saudi Arab.

That’s why authorities are strict on pilgrims because people coming on Umrah and Hajj can bring more infection to Saudi Arab.

What Travel Agents Have to Do Now, out of Contracts?

People have paid money for Umrah packages and transport in advance. Now, if they get on the flight, then they will be deported back. Due to this, no pilgrim can reach for Umrah in his allocated days. This situation brought all travel agents into chaos. It’s because according to contracts and regulations, all travel agents have to pay back the dues. Most of these dues are spent on flight tickets, hotels, and transport in Saudi Arab, which are not refundable according to Saudi law. So, travel agents have to pay all expenses from their pockets, which will bring a huge loss to every travel agent. But they have to refund.

If the Umrah travel ban persists for more than two months, then most of the travel agents will go under. Maybe some have to close their business down. This situation is too difficult for any travel agent because the rules of two different countries are not the same. Saudi Arab has a different set of rules according to its law, which does not allow businesses to refund dues in case of an emergency. But travel agents in other countries have to refund according to the business laws of their country. That’s why a dangling situation is consolidated for travel agents, which is causing fear and uncertainty.

What should Travel Agents Hope from Saudi Arab?

The best-case scenario for travel agents is the uplifting of the Umrah ban as soon as possible. But it does not appear too soon. A travel agent can promise to his customers for later arrangements. But he has to give a date, which depends upon Saudi authorities. Therefore, all travel agents must hope for the ban to be uplifted soon.

Effect on Ramadhan Umrah

Ramadhan is also coming soon. There are less than two months. A majority of people wait for Ramadhan to come. So, they can perform Umrah in Ramadhan. That’s why all travel agents have booked many persons for Umrah in Ramadhan. If the Umrah ban continues till Ramadhan, then travel agents have to face another huge loss. This will cancel all bookings, and people will also demand refunds, which will be a difficult task for travel agents.

Moreover, due to the Umrah ban, customers will avoid bookings. That’s why the business will stop coming for travel agents. Umrah ban will affect all Ramadhan. It is certain. And it will happen. Travel agents cannot unionize against Saudi authorities. That’s why they have to suffer the fate, which will be the loss of business and a huge amount of refunds.


One ban on Umrah has created a loss of millions of dollars for best travel agency for Hajj umrah, which cannot be recovered by any other means. In that case, Saudi authorities must consider the plight of travel agents and try to facilitate them for refunds. But it has not happened before. Maybe it could happen this time. Have a good day.

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