What is Full SEO Service?
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What is Full SEO Service?

Appearing in search engines may seem minor in your marketing strategy, but it holds significant importance. Google handles more than 63,000 searches per second, making it crucial for your website to appear in results related to your business, products, or services. Failing to do so might allow your competitors to reach potential customers before you do.

In an ideal scenario, creating your website and expecting traffic would be sufficient. However, numerous websites share similar themes and topics. Search engines determine the position of websites in search results, and an SEO website package becomes essential to ensure your site attracts relevant web traffic for search queries.

The Importance of Implementing a Full SEO Package for Your Company

As mentioned earlier, the challenge lies in making your content rank so that your target audience can easily locate you online. Without a comprehensive SEO strategy, there’s a risk of them not finding your company altogether.

Given the pervasive role of the Internet in contemporary life, people rely on Google to locate precisely what they need. A full-service SEO approach means that your company appears in search results, making it more likely for users to choose your products and services.

The search results example below illustrates where your business can feature with a robust SEO strategy in place.

A full-service SEO strategy facilitates Google’s understanding of your business by optimizing your site pages for easy comprehension and indexing. The clearer Google is about your pages, the higher the probability of your business appearing in search results.

Securing a top spot in search results often leads to a year-over-year increase in:

  • Website Traffic
  • Conversions
  • Revenue

Components of Full-Service SEO Website Package and Strategies

SEO, being an umbrella term, comprises various smaller strategies that collectively contribute to the effectiveness of a full-service SEO strategy.

Defining Goals

Figuring out where to start with your SEO program can be challenging. Ultimately, your goals will be the deciding factor. If you’re in a specialized niche with a SaaS solution, your aim might be to boost brand awareness and encourage interest in your product pages. Conversely, if you’re a publisher, you may be focused on improving rankings and traffic for locally specific-search queries. Seasoned SEO and digital professionals can guide you through this process and set your program on the right path.

Site Audit For Technical Aspects

  • SEO site audits examine all the technical aspects of your website that could impact how a search engine evaluates your page. This includes:
    • Crawlability: Can a search engine crawler find and access your website’s content?
    • Indexability: Are your pages indexed by search engines?
    • User Experience: Do your pages load quickly on any device? Are there pop-ups?

Keyword Research

Keyword research’s importance lies in helping you identify the specific terms your target audience searches for, guiding your content to target the right keywords.

Without proper keyword research, the risk of not targeting the correct keywords increases, making it difficult for your audience to find you in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Analyzing Content And Strategy

Quality content positions your website as an authority and is important for generating organic traffic and improving rankings. The content strategy is generally derived from your keyword plan and involves a content gap analysis. You may lack the high-quality content necessary to achieve high rankings for your specified keywords. Conducting a content analysis and strategy provides a roadmap to lock in promising results.

Optimizing On-Page Content

These services fine-tune the content you already possess for the keywords and themes you aim to rank for. Tasks include updating titles, incorporating targeted keywords into body text, utilizing engaging images, and optimizing the page layout for enhanced user engagement.

Improving Off-Site Material

Your rankings are influenced by factors beyond your website. These include the number of backlinks from reputable sites, Google Business optimizations, reputation management, review site enhancements, and improvements to your social media presence. Once you have compelling content, off-site optimization amplifies it, ultimately boosting search engine traffic.

Creating And Implementing New Content

If you’re starting from scratch or have limited existing content, a full SEO website package includes creating and implementing new content on your website. After creating high-quality content, a full-service SEO seamlessly integrates it into your site, whether it’s an HTML site or one powered by a CMS like WordPress.

Mobile Optimization

In July 2019, Google announced the adoption of mobile-first indexing for all new sites, prioritizing the mobile version over the desktop version. Whether you have an existing site or plan to create one post-mobile-first indexing, you need to ensure your website is responsive, as Google values a positive user experience. With approximately 58.16% of website traffic generated by mobile phones in 2022, Google emphasizes showcasing websites that provide an excellent user experience on any device.

Optimizing Images

Images play a role in your content by breaking up text and engaging users, keeping them on your website. Without images, pages may appear dull and lack user engagement. However, including images is not enough; optimization is necessary, making it a component of a full SEO package.

Here’s how image sizes impact your ranking:

  • Large images can slow down site pages, affecting page speed—a ranking factor.
  • Slower pages lead to a negative user experience, increasing bounce rates, which also influences rankings.
  • Images without alt text make it challenging for Google to understand their context. Alt text aids Google in interpreting images within the page context, potentially enhancing page usability. Additionally, if an image fails to load, alt text provides users with a description.

Internal Linking Structure

Internal linking facilitates Google in finding all pages on your website, especially on large sites with frequent content additions.

When new pages are linked from existing, well-ranked pages, Google crawls these older pages, discovering and subsequently indexing the new ones.

Improving site usability by helping both Google and users navigate and discover new pages. For instance, in a blog post about creating homemade cards, internal links can direct users to products available for purchase, enhancing the reader’s experience and potentially leading to product sales.

Tracking And Reporting

Without tracking and reporting key performance indicators (KPIs), you won’t fully grasp the impact of your hard work. SEO experts consistently monitor keyword rankings, organic site traffic, search trends, backlinks, and diagnostic tests to gauge and learn from your SEO efforts. It’s a substantial amount of monitoring, and not all tools are equal. Partnering with experts in this field can save you both time and money.

Website Support

Continuous website support may be necessary to implement SEO recommendations, a service offered by many agencies. For instance, if you require regular addition and optimization of new content on your site, ongoing website support becomes invaluable.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor SEO analysis tracks their rankings over time, along with key performance indicators like backlinks, domain authority, and estimated traffic. If you observe heightened competition, it could signal the need for additional SEO and content investment.

Get Top Notch Services From Total Web SEO

If you’re looking for an agency that genuinely cares about your full-service SEO campaign, consider Total Web SEO.

We serve a diverse range of industries, helping them surpass competitors in search rankings and consistently boost their annual revenue. If you want to know more about how we can assist you or our SEO services, feel free to reach out and contact us.

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