What is the Cost of Ready-mixed Concrete?
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What is the Cost of Ready-mixed Concrete?

Concrete is an essential building material used in construction projects of all sizes, from home renovations to large commercial buildings. While some very small jobs can be done with bagged concrete mix, most projects require ready mix concrete that is freshly delivered to the work site by a concrete supplier.

What is Ready Mix Concrete?

This concrete has been professionally mixed in a batching plant according to a specific recipe to meet the unique needs of each job. The ready mixed concrete is then loaded into trucks with rotating drums and delivered to work sites. This differs from the bagged concrete mix that you buy at a hardware store and mix yourself. Ready mix concrete offers consistent quality and can incorporate different strengths, additives, and mix designs.

Key Terms:

  • Batching plant: Facility that produces concrete in large quantities. Here the concrete is mixed, loaded into trucks, and sent to job sites.
  • Transit mixer: Truck with a rotating drum that keeps the concrete moving to prevent setting during delivery.
  • Concrete pump: Mechanized system to pump concrete from the truck into place at the job site. Used when pouring concrete in hard-to-access locations.
  • Concrete supplier: A company that produces and delivers ready mix concrete.

What Factors Impact the Cost of Ready Mix Concrete?

Concrete Mix Design

The actual mixture of cement, aggregates, water, and any special additives or reinforcements is the biggest cost factor. Basic conventional concrete mixes are the most affordable. As you add strength with additional cement, long-distance pumping ability, fiber reinforcement, or special admixtures, the cost goes up significantly. Further, most suppliers have a standard price list showing concrete cost per cubic yard for each mix design.

Delivery Minimums

Most ready mix concrete suppliers have minimum load sizes to make delivery economically feasible. Often the minimum is a 4 cubic yard load, carried in a small mixer truck. Requesting a smaller yardage often results in a higher per-yard price to compensate the hauler for the small load size. Moreover, make sure to check minimum order sizes when budgeting and ordering.


Getting the concrete trucks to and from the pouring site impacts pricing. Easy access on finished roads and pads generally has a lower base price. Hard to access, off-road conditions often carry an additional delivery charge. Pumping concrete vertically or long horizontally also increases labor and equipment costs. Above all, confirm to fully describe the job site access to get an accurate price quote.

Regional Pricing Factors

The location makes a major impact on concrete pricing. Availability of local cement and aggregates, fuel costs, union labor rates, demand trends, and competition all contribute to regional variances in ready mixed concrete pricing. Additionally, check with local area concrete suppliers to understand what’s average for your region.

Order Size

The total yards of concrete ordered impact the per-yard savings. Again, most suppliers publish price breaks at key order volumes, normally starting around 6-8 yards as an example. Ordering partial loads, more loads, or smaller loads changes pricing thresholds.

Other Costs

  • Fuel or special additives surcharges: extra fees for petroleum or additive products.
  • Minimum load charges: extra fees for small/partial load orders.
  • Change order charges: Extra fee if job specifications change after the initial order.
  • Disposal fees: If leftover concrete cannot be poured at the job site, disposition charges apply.

What Does a Yard of Concrete Cost?

The cost per yard of ready mix concrete can vary significantly based on the previously discussed factors. Some key points:

  • Basic Mix = $120-$150 per cubic yard (3,000 psi concrete).
  • Standard Mix = $130-$180 per cubic yard (4,000 psi concrete – most common for flatwork).
  • Specialty Mix = $160+ per cubic yard (high-strength, fiber reinforced, architectural, etc.)
  • To determine the total project cost, multiply the cost per yard for your specific mix by the estimated volume in yards.

Most ready mix suppliers provide mix and pricing information by phone or on their website. Call and discuss your specific project requirements to get an accurate quote for your job. Getting multiple bids is suggested when possible.

How is Concrete Ordered and Delivered?

Ordering ready mix concrete takes a little planning and coordination. But if done right, it ensures you get the right product at the right time to keep your project on schedule. Here is an overview of the standard ordering process:

  • Finalize Plans: Confirm the concrete specifications, site accessibility, pouring locations, and total yardage requirements. Have all the info ready to provide to the concrete dispatcher.
  • Choose Supplier: Select a reputable regional concrete company. Larger firms often provide very competitive pricing. Get quotes from one or more suppliers depending on project size.
  • Place Order: Call the dispatcher at least 24-48 hours before needing the concrete. Provide the delivery address, contact info, mix specifications, and number of yards required. Ask any questions needed about minimum orders, pricing, and add-on options like pumping.
  • Schedule Truck Time: Based on the size, work with the dispatcher to schedule trucks spaced evenly throughout the pour. This prevents backup or delays between truck arrivals.
  • Confirm and Pour: The supplier will call to confirm order details before dispatch. Then guide trucks in safely on arrival day to complete the pouring efficiently.

Ordering early and planning the timing of multiple truckloads takes the stress out of a concrete day!


Ready mix concrete pricing has many complexities, it need not be intimidating! The keys are understanding your mix options, cost ranges locally, and standard order lead times. Plan ahead by getting quotes and booking delivery at least 24-48 hours in advance.

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