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What is a verified badge on Twitter and how to get it? 

In this article, I will tell you about a verified badge on Twitter and how we can get it.

As we all know, Twitter is a social media platform, and the name is also included in the list of the best ten social media platforms. Twitter has more than 24 million active users in India and more than 217 million Twitter users worldwide.

Twitter users must have been aware by now that Twitter users do not need more followers and social appearances to get blue ticks on their accounts because now users have to pay to get blue ticks on their accounts and can get blue ticks. So users no longer need to get more followers on Twitter; they can buy Twitter Blue Badge for their account by paying Twitter.

Let us know what Twitter blue and golden badges are, why users want to get Blue Badge on their account, and what users need to do to get Blue Tick on their Twitter account so that users can Simplify the process of getting the Blue Badge on your Twitter account.

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What is the blue checkmark on Twitter?

Twitter puts a blue checkmark on the Twitter account of some of its users. But some Twitter users have a question: what are these blue checkmarks on Twitter, why is it put on the account, and can we also put the verified badge on our Twitter account?

The verified badge on Twitter tells Twitter users that the Twitter account is authentic in the public interest. Twitter’s Blue Tick is applied to declare Twitter accounts as active, notable, and authentic.

What is a golden checkmark on Twitter?  

A golden checkmark is put on some Twitter accounts by Twitter, and through those golden checkmarks, Twitter tells that these Twitter accounts are official business accounts. 

How to get a blue tick on Twitter? 

Only people who are actively subscribed to Twitter Blue can receive the verified badge on Twitter. But even those people must fulfill some criteria to get a Blue Tick on their Twitter account. Measures are described as follows:

  • Your Twitter profile should be complete, including your profile’s display name and picture.
  • Your Twitter account must be active for the last 30 days to get a verified badge on Twitter. 
  • Your Twitter account must be at least 90 days old. 

Who can get a Blue checkmark on Twitter? 

You already know your account should be active and authentic if you want a Twitter verification badge. If you want to get a verified badge from Twitter, then your notability can be in the following way:

  • Government 
  • Influencers
  • Sports and gaming
  • Brand and organization
  • Content creators etc. 

How many followers do we need to get a Twitter verification badge? 

Many Twitter users have a question regarding the Twitter verification badge. How many followers should we have on our Twitter account to get the blue checkmark on Twitter?

According to Twitter, if you want a verification badge on your Twitter account, you do not need Twitter followers within any limit. You can get a Twitter verification badge even with zero followers on your Twitter account.


By the way, any Twitter user can get a verified badge on Twitter. Still, any user who wants to get a blue checkmark on his Twitter account, then that user should fulfill the requirements mentioned above. You can buy Twitter followers in India which is one of the best ways to get more followers so buy Twitter followers India. When Twitter verifies your account, it does not mean that your Twitter account has been verified forever because Twitter can also cancel a blue tick in Twitter if it is not active and complete. I hope these things will be helpful for you. 

By the way, any user who wants to get his Twitter account verified can get his Twitter account verified. Still, if you’re going to verify your Twitter account, all the requirements mentioned in this article must be fulfilled. Only then a Twitter user can get his account verified organically. And once Twitter proves you, it does not mean your account is verified forever. If you are not active on Twitter for a long time, then your verified badge by Twitter can be canceled.

Therefore, to get your Twitter account verified, fulfill the above mentioned requirements. If your account is verified, then be active on your Twitter account and do continuous tweets and retweets so that Twitter does not cancel your verified badge.

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