What to Avoid When Choosing Your Umrah Package?
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What to Avoid When Choosing Your Umrah Package?

When choosing Cheap Umrah packages all inclusive one has to consider a lot of technicalities related to pilgrimage travel and accommodation arrangements. Since Umrah travel requires you to fulfill all the requisites of international travel, one can only efficiently plan and prepare for it when having sufficient information about the holy rituals and the arrangements associated with pilgrimage travel.

For hassle-free travel, making informed decisions is essential. So, here’s what you should avoid when choosing your umrah package.

Hidden Costs:

When you book an Umrah travel package, there might be some hidden costs associated with specific services. Therefore, one must inquire about any of such extra costs at the time of booking. Ultimately avoiding such packages that have any sort of hidden fees or undisclosed costs associated with it.

That’s why one must educate himself/herself on the total expenses involved in Umrah travel; from visa fees to travel and accommodation arrangements in the kingdom.

Lack of credibility:

Be cautious of booking your Umrah travel packages with agencies that lack proper accreditation or are not authorized by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah as well as don’t possess the required licenses, certificates or industrial memberships to offer their services.

So, when visiting different travel agencies, ask them about their license number, membership certificates and everything else of the sort to verify the credibility and then book one.

Unclear Accommodation Details:

Avoid packages that do not provide clear information about the hotel accommodations you are going to get in the kingdom i.e. type of hotel, services included, address, etc. Make sure that the hotel you are getting remains conveniently located near Haram, as well as meets your individual preferences and budget.

Inadequate Transportation Services:

Check the transportation services included in the package i.e. return flights, local transportation services for your daily commute and intercity travel as well as Ziyarath travel services. Avoid booking such packages that do not disclose the type of transportation you are getting with the price you are paying.

Limited Guidance and Support:

Umrah travel packages that have unclear guidance or limited support available in general should be avoided at all costs. A reputable Umrah travel agency not only prioritizes customer satisfaction but also ensures 24/7 availability to resolve any of the issues or complaints of the clients even while in the holy region performing rituals of minor pilgrimage. So, don’t book your travel package with an umrah travel agent who doesn’t offer;

  • Assistance throughout your Umrah journey.
  • Encouragements for the holy rituals,
  • Guidance with the necessary paperwork.
  • A point of contact in case of emergencies or general inquiries.

Unrealistic Promises:

If your travel agent is giving you unrealistic promises or the package deals sound too good to be true, it might be an alarming factor for you to consider and not book your travel. Clear communication and realistic expectations are essential for the transparency of services, ultimately providing you with a trustworthy Umrah package deal.

Inflexible Itineraries:

Avoid packages with itineraries that don’t offer flexibility because the pilgrimage travel may require adjustments and modifications. A good Umrah package deal not only allows room for variations in the schedule but also ensures that all essential rituals are covered.

Poor Reviews and Reputation:

Research and read reviews about the travel agencies offering the Umrah package. Avoid buying your Umrah packages from agencies that have consistently poor reviews or a questionable reputation in the market. Feedback from previous pilgrims as well as getting recommendations can provide valuable insights into the agency’s credibility.

Insufficient Group Size Information:

Ensure that the group Umrah package you are booking provides complete details about the group size you will be adjusting with and then make your purchase decision. This is because very large or very small groups impact the overall experience as you will have to compromise on a lot of aspects. So, an ideal group size allows for personalized attention and services.

Disregard for Legal and Ethical Considerations:

Avoid hiring your Umrah packages from agencies that disregard the legal and ethical standards of the pilgrimage journey. Therefore, only booking your Umrah travel with the agency that has;

  • Ethical practices put in place.
  • Respect local laws.
  • Prioritizes the well-being and safety of pilgrims.
  • Offer emergency support.

So, these are some of the things to avoid when choosing your January Umrah Packages.

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