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Why become a lifeguard?

There is no shortage of professional opportunities for people wishing to become lifeguards in USA! Indeed, whether it is public swimming pools, private structures, sports centers or even hotel complexes, a large number of positions remain vacant. Effective lifeguard training is crucial for ensuring the safety and well-being of swimmers, surfers, and beachgoers alike.

At the water’s edge all year round, the lifeguard’s objective is to monitor, supervise and teach swimmers how to swim.

The job is not just about sitting on a chair in red swim shorts! Indeed, this exciting profession has many advantages. So, in this Superprof article you will find all the good reasons to start as a lifeguard in USA.

Turn your passion into a job

When you choose a profession in the world of sport , it is because you are generally passionate and it is a real chance to be able to make a living from it! People who get into beach and bathing surveillance are passionate about water, swimming and aware of its dangers.

The majority of Brevet Pool holders have a good level in one or more water activities , whether swimming, canoeing, surfing, sailing or diving. By becoming a lifeguard, it is therefore possible to combine your passion for water with your work, it is rewarding on a daily basis and it allows you to flourish in your career!

Beyond the profession of supervisor, the lifeguard also exercises a function of facilitator and educator. Indeed, as a passionate sportsman, he also aims to transmit his passion to swimmers, to inculcate the values ​​of sport and to supervise lessons.

Passion is a real driver of motivation at work, so if you have always loved the world of water, if you have a good level in swimming and want to ensure the safety of others, this job is for you.

The human side of lifeguarding

The job of lifeguard is diverse and exciting, it’s an activity in which you never get bored! In addition to giving lessons, supervising bathing areas, participating in the operation of a swimming pool, there is also a very human approach.

Indeed, this position is also one of great responsibility, since a lifeguard is called upon to save lives! This job therefore requires a lot of attention, composure, rigor and responsiveness on a daily basis. Of course, these are skills you will learn throughout your lifeguard training .

It is also important to have patience and pedagogy , especially when you are going to be in the role of an educator more than a supervisor. Indeed, lifeguards are confronted with bathers who are not comfortable in the water, who do not know how to swim or who wish to fight against aquaphobia.

Knowing how to calm down, having the right words, the right gestures are therefore very important in this kind of situation. In addition, the public going to public swimming pools or aquatic complexes is varied, as a lifeguard you will meet school groups, mothers with their babies, swimming pros or even retirees.

The approach is therefore different for each person, both in teaching and in monitoring.. Indeed, you can just as well offer entertainment to the elderly, help a mother with her baby, help someone with swimming techniques or even help a child who is afraid of water! Finally, to work in the best conditions, it is better to know how to adapt in order to meet the expectations of each audience.

Labor conditions

The working environment of a lifeguard in USA is rather pleasant, imagine yourself at the edge of a crystalline lake surrounded by mountains! In addition, the work outfit is casual: swimsuit, shorts, T-shirt, cap, sunglasses, we have known worse as a dress code.

Remember that this outfit is the most suitable in a rescue or drowning situation, it is necessary to be able to intervene as quickly as possible.

We often have the image of the lifeguard sitting on his pool chair, but the missions of this position and the places where one can work as a lifeguard do not stop at an indoor pool. Indeed, during the summer, it is also possible to work outside, whether in the swimming pools of leisure centers or campsites or in natural environments: lakes, rivers, ocean … Especially in USA where the territory has many lakes and just as many opportunities to work in an idyllic setting where the water meets the mountains. You can therefore work outdoors as well as indoors and this is not negligible.

Finally, this job is the opposite of an office job where the tasks can become time-consuming. Between swimming lessons, swimming supervision, safety management, you will also have to work with a wide audience: baby swimmers, adults, children and the elderly, so there is no room for routine ! Your days will not be alike!


How much does a lifeguard earn in USA? Another advantage is to be taken into account and not the least! In USA, the remuneration is much higher than in other countries, such as USA.

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We must also take into account the fact that a full time in USA is about 40 hours per week, costs are also to be taken into account (travel, cost of living, insurance) but generally a lifeguard swimmer in USA earns well his life. You will find positions with a salary starting at 4000 CHF per month.

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